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How we Refurbish and Recycle:

All items are processed through a “Closed Loop Recycling Process” that includes: refurbishing, redeployment, donation to economically needy and technologically deprived institutions and organizations, or physical destruction.

All processes are accomplished through a process of disassembly, separation and disposition into proper recycling waste streams that do not include landfills and are in complete compliance with the rules and regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States of America.

DELL Laptops

DELL Laptops

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Atom 1.83-2.0 LCD minilaptos



- Core 2 Duo - 2.66ghz (4 units) / 2.80ghz (10) - 4GB RAM - 160 HDD - Operating System - Windows 7 - 60 Day warranty - Web Cam 
Product Details...

DELL Laptop D531 AMD Turion X2 1.86GHZ 2048MB 60GB


DELL Laptop D630 C2D2.30 1024MB 80GB


DELL Laptop D630 C2D2.40 1024MB 80GB


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